iTech Data Services

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Consider machine learning outsourcing with iTech. Our machine learning technology applies algorithms to raw information that works toward a greater understanding of what it is translating and provides clients with output data quality and insights unmatched by outsourced data entry alone.

Freight invoice automation and audit

Stay in front of freight audit and payment needs with on-demand tracking, metrics, and analytics. Outsource to a partner that provides the visibility you need to provide the accuracy and speed freight invoice auditing demands.

Data Capture Automation and Outsourcing

Whether it’s a simple project or one with multiple complexities, iTech is a data services company built around the ability to capture and process data from multiple verticals. Well versed in all aspects of data capture, iTech teams can apply manual, OCR, RPA, or Machine Learning services to any project depending on their unique needs.

Machine Learning Data Capture for Scanned Blueprint & Scanned Engineering Drawings

Capture all data from large scanned blueprint & engineering drawings for easy searching. iTech’s Machine Learning algorithm has been exposed to millions of scanned blueprint images. It can extract almost any data points from any location to create easy to find documents and information within those documents.


The time and effort it takes to perform health insurance eligibility are far outweighed by the costs. iTech’s health insurance verification team is well versed in this task and is available to medical professionals to perform these lookups on-demand. Our team works with multiple healthcare organizations throughout the US across many medical fields.


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