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iTech applies automation to invoice processing and freight invoice auditing. iTech understands logistics invoices, the structure and complexities of multiple carrier documents, and the capture needs of the clients who use these carriers to ship.

  • Invoice Indexing With Machine Learning
  • Freight Bill Data Capture Automation
  • Auditing With RPA
  • Invoice Visibility
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Invoice Indexing With Machine Learning

iTech uses Machine Learning to index invoices as soon as they are uploaded. This process eliminates the need for clients to perform heads-up scanning for paper and sorting for electronic images. Invoices are indexed by client to allow for the application of their specific rules. This automated process takes seconds and involves little to no human intervention.

Freight Bill Data Capture Automation

iTech identifies carriers using document mapping, a machine learning application that quickly sorts images by property. In combination with OCR, machine learning can recognize specific carriers and apply client-specific rules to each freight bill’s data. This allows for a greater amount of recognition that not only captures data points accurately but does so from unstructured and semi-structured forms with the highest degree of accuracy.

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Auditing With RPA

Freight bill auditing requires a combination of processes that previously could only be performed manually. iTech uses robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is trained to perform lookups and check client contracts. Any discounts are applied, and irregularities are fixed. The tedious and time-consuming task of auditing is reduced to a matter of seconds and eliminates human error and oversight.

Invoice Visibility

iTech’s iClarify tool always gives Freight Audit and Payment Companies full control and visibility into the data capture and audit processes. On-demand metrics and analytics surrounding quality and turnaround eliminates the “black box” approach, often associated with outsourcing, and instead provide absolute transparency. iTech clients always know where their freight bills are and when they will be complete.

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